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10 days 4 Countries Christmas Special West Europe

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Tour Code: URP10
Depart From: 12/22 Hometown Italy (Rome)
Duration: 10 Days 9 Nights
Highlights: Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France Visit to the famous shopping district. European brand Clearance, duty-free, Daily crazy Shop Italy making sections of handbags, clothing, jewelry, etc. Austria "Swarovski" crystals Swiss brand watch, famous origin Paris's most famous "Printemps Spring" department store Arrange Christmas Eve to enjoy Christmas dinner, enjoy unlimited selection of appetizers, salads, prime steaks, the famous Italian cheese dumplings, and all kinds of dessert wine; Also arranged Christmas Day enjoy Italian specialties mussels soup, fried baked deep sea bass, assorted seafood platter, traditional ink surface, and all kinds of Italian cheese cake champagne, rum, with a view to the group so that you spend an unforgettable Christmas!
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12/22 (1) Hometown Italy (Rome)
Flight from hometown to the capital of Italy, Rome.

12/23 (2) Rome
Upon arrival, transfer to hotel for rest
Hotel : Holiday Inn Eur Parco Dei Medici Hotel or similar

12/24 (3) Colosseum (exterior) – Spanish Steps – Piazza Venezia – Independent Monument – The Fabulous Trevi Fountain – (outside) St. Peter’s Basilica Plato (B/ Christmas eve Dinner)
【Colosseum】 The symbol of the city, the Colosseum is one of the world’s eight major attractions. Historically, Roman gladiators would fight against others and wild beasts at the Colosseum. 【Spanish Steps】Located in Rome, Italian an outdoor staircase, connected with the Plaza of Spain, and the Holy Trinity Church in place at the top of the Spanish Steps. Spanish Steps is undoubtedly one of Europe’s longest and widest staircase, a total of 138 bands. 【The Fabulous Trevi Fountain】 The famous shooting site of “La Dolce Vita”. It is said that all wishes made at the fountain will come true. 【St. Peter’s Basilica】St. Peter Basilica is the world’s first cathedral. Hotel :Star Hotels or similar

12/25 (4) Plato Venice – Piazza San Marco – Basilica St. Marco – Bridge of Sighs (BD)
【Venice】 Made from 118 nearby islands, the city’s main transportation is its unique gondola. 【San Marco Basilica】 Largest church in Europe during the Middle Ages. It is an example of classic Venetian architectural art. 【Bridge of Sighs】 The name “Bridge of Sighs” refers to the sighs from convicted prisoners when they pass through the bridge to the execution ground. It symbolizes the bridge between life and death.
Hotel : Sheraton Padova or similar

12/26 (5) Venice Innsbruck – 1964/1976 Winter Olympics Ground – the “Golden Roof “ (B)
【Golden Roof 】 Innsbruck landmark. Built in 1500, the building was formerly the Duke mansion. Its famous place is a building projecting balcony ornate golden roofs, the entire wall decoration is very particular and richly ornamented balcony Hotel :Hotel Bierwirt Innsbruck or similar

12/27 (6) Innsbruck Liechtenstein Vaduz Lucerne  

Chapel Bridge – Lion Monument – Chapel Bridge & Water Tower (B) 【Vaduz 】 Liechtenstein is one of only two double landlocked countries in the world (the other is Uzbekistan). The constitutional monarchy small hill country, although small and sparsely populated land, but it has an unusually high level of national income, per capita GDP up to 60,000 euros, is a beautiful Alpine scenery
【Lucerne】 Lake Lucerne located in central Switzerland, is the fifth largest lake in Switzerland. 【Chapel Bridge]】was built in 1408, the bridge has painted about Lucerne’s history, but also because of the Bridge towers built on both sides of the bridge railing placed a pot pots of flowers, seemingly a flower gallery, also known as towers Huaqiao.
【Lion Monument】 The statue of a wounded lion in Lucerne is built to commemorate the defense of Paris Tuileries in 1792. Hotel :Astoria Hotel or similar

12/28 (7) Chap Mount Titlis Dijon(B)
【Mount Titlis】 The world famous snow-capped peaks. Tourists can take the 360 degrees cable car up the mountain, at own expense. Hotel :Mercure Dijon Centre Clemenceau Hotel or similar

12/29 (8) Dijon –   Paris (B)
【Dijon】 Located in the center of France, it is the capital of the Burgundy region, famous for wine country is rich land. Di village of “fine wine town” reputation, someone says, “is the king of Burgundy, Bordeaux wines are the Queen,” that rich mellow wine every year attracts a large number of tourists from around the world are attracted to
Hotel :Melia Paris La Defense or similar

12/30 (9) Louvre, Montparnasse Tower (not include ticket) – ChampsElysees – Place de la Concorde – Arc de Triomphe (B)
【Louvre Museum】 Originally a French royal palace that has been transformed into a museum, housing many art collections. 【Montparnasse Tower】 Built in 1972, the 59-story, 209 meters, except the Eiffel Tower of Paris is the tallest building outside is only a downtown skyscraper. 【Champs Elysees】 The French has claimed it to be the most beautiful avenue in the world. Hotel :Melia Paris La Defense or similar

12/31 (10) Paris Hometown (B)
After breakfast, flight back to hometown. If individuals wish to stay behind, please consult the travel agency.
(only arrange one time drop off)

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